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It is the 3rd day of the week. Will be siting for Biology and PSI paper tomorrow. Best of luck myself!


Stalker = Prick = Friend

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Okay firstly, I think I’ve been holding on about this for a long time and yet I’ve have not stand up for myself. It’s like I don’t have any idea, any words, any topics to use against him. Always get away. Then I’ll regret for not saying what I should have said when I get the chance. It’s like my mouth is seal from fighting back. And when I think back surely half of me will regret for not saying anything and then the other half feels like slapping myself for spilling everything out, harshly. I still don’t know what’s the best choice. Let myself feeling low all day or fire it back then feeling a tinge of regret one day. Not sure either. I put the tittle stalker because he knows pretty much everything about my life. He’s a prick because he seems to like the idea that he can make me all down for the rest of the day and yet he is also a friend. 3 in 1. But wait, should I call yourself a friend? Do you even see me as your friend? Confused and scared.

Can I?

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My love’s like a star, yeah,
You can’t always see me.
But you know that I’m always there.
When you see one shining,
Take it as mine and remember I’m always near.
If you see a comet, baby, I’m on it,
Making my way back home.
Just follow the glow, yeah,
It won’t be long just know that you’re not alone.

Current favorite song. I want to play this to panda. One day hopefully Amin. I love you panda. Hoping to see you and be with you hehe 🙂


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There’s a lot of things that has been going this week.

1. The hue and cry because of the 95’s tee
2. Our camp was cancelled
3. Us
4. Stress with life as usual
5. Some classmates of mine saying this and that who yes completely ruined my mood
6. Odd stares from people
7. Busy with school
8. Whole lot of assignments


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I’ve got 2 days to finish all my assignment plus do my revision for the progressive test this upcoming Monday. I’m not nervous or whatsoever just quite stressed out since I’ve got so many things to do. Going out to have dinner after this, where to eat? Rarely eat outside though so I don’t know where is the best place that serves the best food in town. BM, history and Maths on Monday. Oh boy~

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I love you panda.


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Lately I’ve been feeling that something is not right. Something is wrong. Something has changed. Thing is, I’ve been receiving this odd kind of stare from my schoolmates. This kind of stare that I’m talking is pretty odd and unusual. I am not even sure why but from my observation, some of my friends are not treating me the way they used to treat me and that gave me lots of questions to think about? At times, I’ve this feeling that someone or some people are watching me. By watching me is that they have some camera or CCTV here, in my room. This thought of mine really did freaked me out because hey who knows right? I’ve just got the feeling hmm. Do you think they’re watching me? Ah phobias

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