February 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

I’m getting sick and tired for being like this everyday. Waiting sucks especially when you know you’re waiting for someone who we don’t even know if they still want us in your life or not. I know and understand that you want to focus with your studies, you want to spend more time with your families. I know because I’m facing the same thing too. It is not just you. It is hard for me to say but the truth is it doesn’t matter if you’re here or not, things just stay the same. I’ll get disappointed in the end for hoping too much. You’re busy, I understand I’ll bear with it. You’re not busy but still I can’t spend my time with you because you’re so tired with this and that fine I understand I’ll bear with it. Just go to rest. You know what? I’m tired and I’ve had enough. I know I’m gonna wait again after this but deep down inside I’ve had enough. It looks like I’m the only one who’s trying to be with you, trying to spend some quality time with you, care about you, give my attentions and shoulders to you. I’m the only one here who’s trying to make a move. I’m in a state of weary. I have feelings too. Maybe back then I was a jerk and now karma slaps me harder. Well let me break it up to you, there is no point for you to make me feel what you felt back then. It doesn’t. Why you ask me? Why? Because it doesn’t make any difference that you and me are just the same.


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