Lazy Sunday

February 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

Woke up from a good nap. Ate some snacks and performed my prayers. Currently watching Mistletoe from Jazreen Harith. A junior of mine. I don’t know what to comment, it’s not that funny but at the same time its kinda funny too k -.- Lame I might say? I am not even sure. I guess I am gonna give you a clap because he’s brave enough for posting the video on YouTube although he knows that he’ll get boo-ed and stuff. To anyone who thinks it is some kind of a joke or stupid well I think you should think back though. I can’t deny it looks like *insert word*, well at least he tried. At least he’s brave enough to face the harsh comments he’ll get after posting. Hmmm just an opinion. Still, need to work hard next time. The video is not interesting from the very start.

I have not started doing my work yet since yeah PROcrastinating as usual. Stupid kan because you know in the end you’ll gonna regret and nag this and nag that for wasting time ugh


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