Stalker = Prick = Friend

February 29, 2012 § Leave a comment

Okay firstly, I think I’ve been holding on about this for a long time and yet I’ve have not stand up for myself. It’s like I don’t have any idea, any words, any topics to use against him. Always get away. Then I’ll regret for not saying what I should have said when I get the chance. It’s like my mouth is seal from fighting back. And when I think back surely half of me will regret for not saying anything and then the other half feels like slapping myself for spilling everything out, harshly. I still don’t know what’s the best choice. Let myself feeling low all day or fire it back then feeling a tinge of regret one day. Not sure either. I put the tittle stalker because he knows pretty much everything about my life. He’s a prick because he seems to like the idea that he can make me all down for the rest of the day and yet he is also a friend. 3 in 1. But wait, should I call yourself a friend? Do you even see me as your friend? Confused and scared.


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