March 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

I am not sure why I’m posting this post. Wait? Why is it that I’m typing this anyway? Skip that, does things are doing good or not I am not sure. I don’t really get them now. Is it my fault for not catching up anything about them? I tried but maybe some part me just keep on telling me that I should just let them go. Sometimes, I don’t even bother about them. Not intentionally but I just forgot about them. I’m sorry but yes, I usually forget about you both. I guess my world does not revolve around you two anymore. One thing I can say why I forget is because that we rarely meet. If you ask me, I can calculate with my own fingers on how many times we guys get to see each other. I know both of you are still sore and the scars are still there and maybe there’s a possibility that the wounds are still raw. I’m sorry but I know saying sorry won’t change a thing and my sorry’s are not good enough. Never mind because I know I was such a jerk back then. If I were in your shoes, I probably hate myself too. This is rather funny to me but are you guys trying to make me jealous by yeah doing that to me? Or is it you want to show and prove to me that you guys are doing fine without me in your life? Honestly? I don’t mind. I prefer that. I’m happy if you guys are happy although I’m not someone special in your life anymore. I am. It’s just I rather walk out from your lives rather than staying and let myself hurt you guys again. I just can’t forgive myself if I keep on hurting you both for the umpteenth times. For me, this is the best. I am adamant with this decisions (although I’m not sure if it’ll last). I really do miss spending my time with you guys. I really do. Back then, I was happy. More happier than now? But yeah, as we all know life goes on and yes people will leave. It doesn’t count whether if they’re the ones you love or not. I guess like what people used to say though it’s cliche but yeah if you love someone, maybe it’s best to let them go.

To the both you : I miss you guys. Hope you both are doing fine. I just hope that one day we’ll get over with this and start a new life. Ah I miss the 3 of us.



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