And It Flies Without Pausing

March 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

Currently helping my brother packing his clothes since he’s going to Sabah tomorrow to meet my mom. Lucky you man lucky you. But whatever, this holiday all I’m thinking is to get enough rest, spend some quality time with my love ones and of course finish all my homework(s)! My homework’s list has filled the whole paper! Never mind, adamant to finish em all like I promise myself. (I PROMISED MYSELF SO I MUST NOT BREAK IT) It’s March already and after this one week of holiday and 2 weeks of school, hello April. Can you believe it? Feels like January 1st was yesterday. This is scaring me though. The fact that I’m sitting for SPM in less than 6 months and yet I have not enroll myself for Chemistry and BM class, TOTALLY TERRIFYING! Thing is, I don’t know where are the good tuition center are. I mean they are good but the problem is the teacher. You know, different people, different ways of learning. AH SOMEBODY PAUSE THE TIME PLEASE


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