Fly Away With Me

March 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

Went to the Education Fair and yes the future scares me. A lot! You know how much I always wanted to just get my ass outta here. Truth is now I cannot deny that I actually am not ready for this. I still don’t know what course to choose. What I want to be? What do I want to do with the rest of my life? Where do I go after high school ends? Excited, happy, euphoric, anxious, sad and certainly not ready. One day I’m gonna leave, that’s for sure. What about my friends? Him? Well at least I can go back and see my family since I know they won’t be going anywhere. But you? My friends? You guys can totally be a pain in the ass sometimes yes I admit (of course I am one too to one of you) but yeah we’ve got this special bond between it. A bond that although not all of us are in the same pages but we are totally connected. It’s like different types of plants growing in the same dirt but still can grow healthy. Honestly, I’m scared to lose all of you. We have been through a lot! Our ship sank and we still hold on to each other until we reached the shore. What would I do without you guys? We always got our backs in each other in almost everything. You. The most person I’m scared of losing. I shared a lot with you, more than a lot I might say. You were my best friend, a good listener, someone that always fights with me sometimes over some stupid matter. Though right now, the ocean is not calm. It’s unpredictable. You might see it calm with your naked eyes but don’t be surprise when it can turn into your worst enemy in a blink of an eye. You gave me security and the feeling of home back then. I miss them. I miss those feeling. I miss you. I don’t blame if you’re too stressed out with all the things that is happening in your life. It has been a busy year for me too. I’m just sad you know, specially about her. Yeah I know she’s someone important but thing is I just don’t want to lose you just because of her. We can work this out, I believe we can. It’s just that you got to stop taking things too serious. Stop satisfying what others want you to do. Can you stop at least for a day and do something that you actually want to do? You can’t please her all the time. Neither to other people. I just want us to be happy again, more happier than back then. But I can’t do this on my own. I need you, together with me to continue this journey.


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