The World Is Quiet Tonight

March 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

Woke up by the itchiness of my throat and now I can’t sleep. My mind is constantly wandering in this quiet and lonely night. Somehow, this night is different. There’s too much of mixed emotions that I am feeling now. Too much is going on on my mind and it’s a scary place to go yet to stay. I’ve been thinking of the future since this morning and I can’t help but think about it more and more. I can’t believe that I’ve just realized about this matter now. It’s like I’m a little too late but still it’s better late than never. I keep on thinking about us. All the times that we have been through together. Baby? My heart, ache. I don’t know how to cure it. I can’t perform my solat since you know why. I need you to cure it for me like you always do back then. Where are you? I can’t shoosh away all these voices that’s been manipulating my head. Dear Allah, does every teenager in this world has to go trough this crucial period? I’m feeling lonely and empty. Where is everyone? For a moment, isolation is not doing any good to me. I need my family, my friends, you. I just need someone to talk to. Someone to just lend me an ear for the rest of the night.

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