March 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

Add Maths just now went fine just somebody ruined my mood a bit but thanks to the teacher, happiness kicked in. Have you ever felt that you don’t have anyone anymore? You don’t have anyone to count on to, to rest your head on one’s shoulder, having someone to lend their ears for you? I’m feeling it right now and it kills. I don’t get this. Why do I must feel such thing? Why? What did I do? Was I a bitch back then? Was I? What is happening to me? Where did my confidence went to? I miss the old me. The cheerful old me, who never cared about anything. Who would always do what my heart told me to do. Not anymore. Nowadays, you gotta think thrice before you do something. You’re scared that people will judge you no matter what you did, it doesn’t matter whether it is something good or bad, someday, someone will judge you. It sucks you know? Where did the spirit of being carefree went to? I want it back. I want to be euphoric, gleeful, high spirited, carefree but now all I can say is that I have lost faith in the human race. What in god’s green planet am I living in? What went wrong? How did this started in the first place? How?


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