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Morning! Off to class in a bit 🙂



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“Was I different back then?”

“You laughed more.”

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An opinion will approach you from time to time, (with an air of arrogance and a large ego), trying its hardest to convince you that it is a fact. Don’t be mislead by this.

The line between what matters and what doesn’t matter has blurred. It’s going to be difficult to make out who is screaming for what.

The individual has been drowned in the midst of everyone trying their hardest. However, originality is not extinct; it exists in effortlessness.

Any question that goes unanswered is a question well asked. Swift answers will come from those who guess.

The moment you shine a light on someone, they’ll shut their eyes to it. Light isn’t for everyone; some rather be enveloped in the darkness.

Seemingly bad things will happen to you, and then seemingly good things will surround you. One will never prevail over the other–balance is very necessary.

There is…

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Slytherin It Is

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A bit sad for not getting myself into Gryffindor but I don’t mind because I love the Slytherins too!!!



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Excited! Can’t wait to open the webpage using laptop. YEZZAA


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“Kau ya jaik.”

My face. He said my face was ugly? If I’m not mistaken. Oh K

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