Not Just Yet

April 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

“I asked because you look different lately.”

“You failed, try again then.”

What to response other than “I am okay.” He told me that I should not give up just yet. He told me if I do still want him back, I got to try harder. At least I won’t regret one day. Now I’m second guessing my every move, my decisions? Did I made the right choice? I’m clueless. My head is overwhelm with unwelcome thoughts and it is killing me slowly every single second I’m breathing. He was right. I should, I really should. Like hey, what’s there to lose right? I’m gonna try and what’s left is either you said yes or no. Although it’s kinda pathetic for me to do this because I’m the one who asked for this to be over but it’s okay. If it’s gonna make me happy then I don’t mind lowering my ego and look utterly pathetic just to get you back. I know I’m a jerk, not good enough, not perfect, insecure mess, annoying, bothersome you name it. For all I know, I’m ready to give all my love to you because I know you’re worth fighting for. Sigh easier said than done.


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