Childish Nonsense

April 12, 2012 § Leave a comment

Somebody is giving me the silent treatment lately and I can’t deny, obviously it is bugging me like seriously lah man what the heck did I do? Is it because I went to your house the other day and just because I don’t eat and went home early so you decided to get all grumpy and ignoring me? Like okay do you really have to? I can’t even ughhhh. Stop acting like you’re a 10 year old! You’re 17 and you always told me that you’re a mature person so hey what happened to your matureness that you always brag about it to me? Ego has overwhelmed huh? Men, huh OBVIOUSLY! Although yes, sucks to be ignored by your own closest friend just because of some stupid ugh whatever it is, fine then. Let’s play it your way. I know I’ll gonna get myself hurt but hey I won’t lose to you that easily lah k? Please. Grow up!


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