What I love about you?

April 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

Your brown eyes.
Your smile.
Your smell.
Your lips.
Your cheeks.
Your ears.
Your hair.
Your legs.
Your fingers.
The way you walk.
How you eat.
How you drink.
How you inhale and exhale.
Your warm hands.
Your arms.
Your body.
The way your eyes smiling at me.
The way you text me.
The way you say I love you.
Your voice.
That face you make when you’re sulking.
Your laugh.
Your giggles.
That voice when you’re mad.
That voice when you’re gonna crack up in any minute.
When you hold me tight.
When you pulled me in your arms.
You love me.
Your passion.
Your hobbies.
Your name.
Your voice when you woke up.
When you make funny voices. Remember squidbob and ‘kukuku?’
When you gave me flying kisses.
When you cried for me.
When you looked for me.
How you used to call me all night because you miss.
The way you sing.
The way you play your guitar.
How everything you wear looks amazing in my eyes.
When you took my hands and hold them tight.
How you used to play with my 10 fingers.
When you’re being crazy.
When you went to my house because you just miss me.
When you’re grumpy.
When you yelled at me.
When you’re worried about me.
When you’re being cold.

I love everything about you. Your good and bad side. Mohd Azrulizham? Though we are sigh but I just want you to know that I love you because you’re you. You made me fall in you love because of who you are. I love you. Don’t ever forget that.


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