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Perhaps it’s under the bed, behind those shoes that I never wore. Maybe in the pocket of those jeans I had on yesterday. It could be in the dreaded junk drawer. Behind the dresser? No. In the bathroom? ….nope. Where is it? Rather, what is it?

As of late, I’ve been searching. Searching high and low for this thing. Something–anything. It’s around here somewhere, that I’m certain of, but there’s an infinite amount of places where it could be hiding. In my past perhaps; or possibly lurking somewhere in the present. I’m unsure.

Adding insult to injury, I haven’t the slightest clue what I’ve so frantically been looking for. Oddly enough it feels as if this something is something that I once possessed. I’m certain that it was in my hand not too long ago. I set it down somewhere for safekeeping, and completely forgot about it. I need it…

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