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I thought that I could live my life untouched, unfazed, and uninfluenced but no one accepts anyone for who they are anymore. If you’re not who they want you to be, then you’re just not worth the time. I just want to be comfortable, and yet this world makes me feel so uncomfortable. Who I am doesn’t make sense to them, but who they are barely even makes sense to themselves.

I find that I’m living in a world where blind judgements are daily activities. They are being handed out by people who feel as though their lifestyles are superior to everyone else’s. I’ve never possessed this big feeling–this feeling of importance–in fact, I feel the opposite. I’m well aware that I’ve been a victim of these judgments, perhaps because I am weird–whatever that means. Then again, now-a-days, everyone is weird, or rather, everyone wishes they were. I feel as…

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