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Kinda lazy to update, sorry. Here are some pictures during my last week’s activity. Ah I just miss everything :\



















Well actually there’s more but I’m too lazy to sync them into my iPod. Haha enjoy


The Girl In The Paper Bag Mask

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Camping was disastrous yet fun I supposed? Things went wild and some were dull. I felt guilty towards the juniors for being such an irresponsible senior. I’m ashamed of myself and I don’t think I can face to face with them after school holiday ends. Sigh I don’t know what we’ll do if our form 4 juniors weren’t with us during the camp, for sure it’ll be bad. I had fun though it was horrible, stressful, plans falling apart, problems with our teachers, sigh how I wish I could just turn back time. I hate myself. What happened to me? I am ashamed of myself. And you, you make me feel like I’m floating in the sky. Our two days and one night together, will I cherish in my heart till forever. You taught me a lot, not just by words but by actions. After this camp, I learned a lot and I get to know you guys closer and I’m happy for that. I’m sorry to all of you for not being the best senior, for not making this camp an amazing one for you guys. I hope your next seniors will make a one good camp for all of you. Make us proud k? I love you all, I really do. I’m sorry for everything.

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i see myself a stranger now.

i see this girl who has the same coloured eyes as me

i see this girl who has the same hair length and type as me

i see this girl with the same half thin, half thick lips as me

i see this girl with the same skin colour as me

but who is this girl i’m seeing ?

is she a reflection of a past that i once knew?

is she a reflection of a future i have yet to come?

i dont know

i dont know anything about this girl

who changed 180 degrees after her heart was shattered

she was strong, she was weak. she had faith. she lost it

who are you ?

who am i ?

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It has been twenty one days since we had our separate ways.

During this time, many things happen. I have worked and went to workshops. I have wrote stories and (regrettably) gained weight. I have met people and lost people on the way. I have decided to change majors and rechanged them again.

But one thing was certain, that did not change, it has been constant all this time,

was my feelings for you.

Til this day, i cry thinking of you, of us. the good the bad the ugly and the wonderful moments.

i regret to say some and most and all were my fault

and pardon me if this sounds very much immature and high school, but you see

this is me showing you the raw side.

The human side.

I miss you.

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Kaki kurus!

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Doubt has the ability to call into question everything you’ve believed about someone and reinforce the darkest suspicions of our inner circles.

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