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On the inside, she was completely dead–we all know that. What’s odder about her situation, was that the emptiness within her was self-induced. She forced herself to be as such. She had pushed herself over that ledge; poured herself that poisonous drink, and handed herself that knife which was planted deep within her heart. Her death was her own doing.

The obvious question here is “why?”. The obvious answer is, “She felt like it”.

Those tranquil and nonchalant feelings of happiness scared her–they brought unsurmountable, burning feelings of pain. Pain that she would probably never be able to overcome.

So, was she afraid? Yes, and no.

You can get lost in happiness, it’s a very simple task. People are constantly taking jovial turns, without so much as glancing either way before they cross a street. Stopping to chat without checking the time. Happiness is a fantasy world. Their grasp of…

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