Reality Bites

May 10, 2012 § 2 Comments

Growing up, one word, sucks. In the process of becoming who you are, learning how to handle the same situation again in the future, really is depressing. The stages are awful. Why? Why does one have to learn based on a misfortune that has befallen? Why? Is it because the truth hurts a lot and from there, lesson can be learn?The fact that it is a horrifying experience, you try to be more careful and cautious next time. You don’t want to go through the same thing again. You want it to work this time. Once is enough. But is once truly enough? A friend told me that humans, love making mistakes. I can’t deny that but sadly some of the mistakes are made are the ones we don’t realize until it is too late. Thing is, why do we always make mistakes if we are afraid of getting injured? Why take the risk again? Is it because you want to gain more experience? Is it for fun and satisfaction? Or is it because you see there’s hope and it’s worth taking the risk? But what if it doesn’t work out? What if it’s only rainbows and bunnies in the early stages and fire and swords at the end? Why does it have to work that way? Yes, life is a test and I know how we handle the situation defines us. If we keep on repeating the same mistakes again, how about chances? Chances are small. You’re lucky if you get a second go. Maybe chances are big but we don’t see them. We over used them till it’s getting lesser and lesser. When one has fucked up, that’s when one go looking for that golden opportunity to regain back what’s worth and fix the situation. The more we get older, the harder life gets. Broken hearts, insecurities, betrayals, feeling empty and lost, unanswered questions. What else? How I wish I could be a kid back and being care-free with mostly, everything.


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