Can You See This Longing Heart?

June 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

It has been nearly 3 months we decided to go our own separate ways. Did we decide? Or was it because of the situation that forced us part ways? A, I can’t lie I miss you. I’ve been doing good, I am getting used of living this life of mine without you in it. How are you? I hope everything’s fine. At times, our memories flashed right before my eyes and some part of my heart aches and the rest, smiled. I miss how things used to be. I miss what we have. I miss you. I miss us. Sometimes, I just can’t believe how my life has been so far. I kept thinking that I’m dreaming. Some part of me tell me that somehow this is not real. I still can’t believe with what’s happening actually with my life. It’s like a fiasco. My main priority now is nothing but acing my SPM. In this journey, I kept on thinking about you. With what condition you’re in now, can you honestly tell me, are you really with her now? I know some things are possible but tell me how can you easily love a new person? Or was this happened when you’re with me? Tell me, is she different? Is she better than me? Did she make you more happier that I did? Are you happy with her? Do you really live her the way you love me? Did you? Truthfully A, I’ve found a company too and it was good. I laughed more these days, I sleep well, I eat more too haha. But somehow, my heart can’t develop feelings for others. It’s hard. It really is. They say, you can’t force love and I did not force to have love. What I’m saying is that, it’s not easy for me anymore to have feelings for someone. Somehow, my heart is tired with all of this. I am happy, I am but not like I used to be. At some point, I can see myself trying I accept things the way they are. Letting everything happens without me planing. So tell me A, how is it easy for you to have someone new in your life? Because I thought I was the most special person in your life and you were one and still now. You taught me a lot. Did you really replaced me? Did you? You let go of everything? You’ve already let go of us? You really did, did you?


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