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What I feel this past couple of months


Intoxicated, I stumbled upon the beauty you possessed. It was deep within you–passed the insecurities, placed aimlessly next to your darkest days. I picked it up, and gazed deeply into its origins. It was genuine, there was no doubt about that.

I wondered why you’d hidden it so far in you. Why you weren’t able to see yourself the way I so effortlessly did. How you had forgotten all the things that made you tick. For years I watched you disregarding it as though it never existed, and for years I tried to prove to you that it was there.

Tiring work, to be honest, yet I was completely determined. Quickly I learned that you can’t make someone see something that they don’t readily want to see. Some people choose to be blind. They have comforted themselves to that fact and won’t be coaxed away.

The last year I saw…

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