The A Team

June 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

Sports Day just passed. Ah how I miss everything. The heat, the scream, the cheering, laughing, booing, stressed out, hectic, smiles, sad faces, you name it. And a big thank you to the yellow bright sun or the UV rays (?) for getting my face and arms burned. I’m feeling the throb of a stress pimple suddenly begin deep under the skin of my chin, cheeks and forehead. Mostly every corner of my face and I hate it! It’s midnight and I’m still awake and not to mention, hungry. Very very much. Tempted to eat toast with kaya spread over but yeah I’m too lazy to go downstairs. So far, my day went fine minus the fact that right now I’m trying to cut short my sleeping pattern to give way for my study time. What else? Uuh, somebody is ignoring me again. What should I do? Be all smiles and act like nothing happened? I don’t think I can since you’re trying to cross the line by being all lovey dovey and stuff. I’m sorry friend but I can’t return the favor. You and me, will always and remain as a friend. Not more or less. Speaking of feelings and stuff (ew whatever), I have a new crush! đŸ˜€ Right, is it something to be happy about? Well, this guy. I don’t how to describe about him since he’s a year younger than me meaning he’s my junior. Some juicy bits about him is that he’s tall, he looks like a Korean (oh here we go again -.-), he’s an athletic, he’s funny (based on my stalking report, I’m sorry I can’t help it I want to know him more hehe), he’s not the social type, he’s the type of person who only care about himself and whoever and whatever matter to him and and he’s cute. Yes he’s cute. This feeling, they come and go like the seasons. Is it good or bad? I pondered if what I’m feeling towards him is as the same as what I’ve felt towards my old crushes. Same? No? But for sure, I have never been like this before (not to mention that bird hehe). Adrenaline rushed through my spines. Breathtaking, euphoric, glee, joy, kick. I’m flying. Did my heartbeat rate increased? That, I don’t know yet but for sure this guy is something. I never screamed seeing a photo of someone I have a crush on (except celebs lol), is this a normal thing? I’ll post a picture of him later since I’m too lazy to scroll the folders haha. Exam is so soon and here I am, falling for a guy that I hardly ever knew about his existence. One thing I like about having a crush at school is that you’ll get excited of coming to school because you have something of looking forward to. We barely talk, seriously never. My first time talking to him was last Tuesday since we are in the same team. He smiled and we joke. Since this sweet feeling is starting to develop, I wonder if I’ll get the chance to get to know him more or yet an opportunity to talk to him again. Sigh I just wish there’s something I can do because I am serious of getting to know you more. Kinda pathetic don’t you think? Me having a crush on someone who maybe only recognize me as his senior. I bet he thinks this is some kind of normal stuff that he’s been experiencing through his high school life since yeah he has lots of secret admires. Anyhow, I should slap myself and open my eyes because I need to stop this feeling from growing more and more each day. Besides, you won’t notice me anyway.


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