What I Hate About Myself

June 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

1. I have a bad temper

2. I get easily annoyed

3. Lazy bone

4. Lack of confidence

5. Insecure

6. Hunchback

7. Insecure

8. I have a dangerous addiction (?)

9. Lack of motivation

10. At times, I don’t appreciate the ones/things I love till they’re gone.

11. Easily forgive people

12. I talk harshly (sometimes I don’t know if my words and actions can hurt people’s feelings)

13. I can treat the elders like my own friend (its not good)

14. Always procrastinate

15. A last minute person

16. Not organize

17. Irresponsible

18. Not good at hiding my weaknesses

19. I loathe my past

20. Not that friendly

21. I’m not that good in making jokes

22. I think I always choose my friends over my family

23. Lack of social skills

24. I don’t like my body

25. I’m not a good person



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