July 1, 2012 § Leave a comment

Change is good. I need to change.


They say the past doesn’t exist, (whoever they are), and I’ve begun to acknowledge this as being true. Many people enjoy mulling over events that have happened “back-in-the-day”; needlessly poking at them, and worrying about their effects. They silently wish that they could go back and change things. “If only I could’ve done this differently. . .” they think. But what’s the use in that? If the power to travel back into time was handed to us, what would be the point in using it?

As of late, I’ve learned to envelope myself in present moments. The past has lost its luster to me, and I’ve grown quite tired of thinking about it. It seems senseless to clothe myself in events that are so distant. To weigh myself down with the thought that history might again repeat itself. To waste energy wishing and praying that I would have done something…

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