New Moon

July 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

Hello June. SPM is like 4 months away. This week was packed and will be pack again for the following week. I’ve been observing everything lately. School, people, my studies, my life. In 4 months, everything will end. In 4 months, I am officially a graduate high school student. In 4 months, goodbye school. In 4 months, the pressure and weight I’m carrying on my shoulder will be lighten. In 4 months, all of this are nothing but history. In 4 months, hello new world. High school life, I can’t deny it is full of bittersweet journey. It is the rule of universe that I cannot escape. The future excites me yet at the same time it chokes me. I can’t predict what will happen but I can choose what to happen. I once always said how happy and eager I am to just finish high school and leave here. Leave everything and start new. When I look at everyone’s faces, I can’t help but think that one day, I’m gonna miss these faces. The annoying, troublesome, sweet, angelic, kind, sly, frivolous, quiet, blur, nerd, what else? Truth is, no matter how hurt or annoyed I am at someone or something, I’m gonna think back and reminisce all the things that had happened to me one day. Not to forget, the sweet ones. I’m gonna miss everything. EVERY SINGLE THING. Although life goes on, although I’m gonna meet new faces soon, although I’m gonna experience something new soon, I just hope that it’ll went well and we as 95’s won’t forget each other. May memories that are made will be treasure and cherish in our heart. We’ll meet again, someday, somewhere. Besides, what a small world we living in isn’t it?


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