July 17, 2012 § Leave a comment

To summarize how my day went today, it was suck to the core. Did Allah heard Cikgu Sikin’s prayers? Did he answered them? Yes, some of them and it happened today, right after she gave us some advice. I believe in a saying that “everything happens for a reason” and I believe that the reason for this incident to happen is to make us realize that we need to open our eyes. Our class is known for being the rebellion, daredevil and jovial type on the eyes of everyone (?0 especially all the teachers in school. To be frank, we are not actually in the same path as them. We just can’t see eye to eye in mostly, everything. But what I can’t accept is that, besides being well famous in school as the boisterous class, the teachers especially seems like underestimate us. Not just that, they always put all the blame to us and I am not sure what is their actual motives. Is it because the name of the class? Is it because of our batch? Or is it because of us? Every single one of us in this C class whose a puzzle piece to be complete into one. For me, we need to hear both side of the story, not just one. As the adults, I think the teachers should cut the hell for being so bias. I mean, are we that bad and mischievous? I just don’t understand. We always being misjudged and are being misinterpret not just by our words, also our actions. I don’t know what to do anymore. For all I know, all of us need to pray and seek for His advice and guidance because everything happens for a reason and He loves us and I know He wants the best for us that is going back to the right path.


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