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I wish that I did not know you.
I wish I don’t have any relation with you.
I wish we never met.
I wish we never walked through each other’s lives.
I wish I can control this pheonix I’ve inside of me.
I wish I could change your perception.
I wish I could chance your point of view.
I wish I could see my real intentions.
I wish I didn’t dragged my friends into my issues.
I wish I am given a chance to change everything.
I wish.


High 5

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Say hi to my part time crime fighter, lulz. He just went back to KL sigh. I miss this kid. Hope to see you this December ❤



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And when I think back I know I’m out numbered of friends and acquaintance. Now I don’t know to whom I can turn to. It’s sad, my life, I’m not even close with any of my cousins anymore. I don’t know what the heck is wrong with me. As I’m growing old, it seems I’m losing one thing at a time, slowly. My life is a havoc. I’m fucked up. I’m worthless. I hate myself. I really do. I can’t believe that when one is in a hunger state, you started to stress out. Mind fuck I tell you. It’s not healthy. Sigh how I wish there was someone. Someone to help. Someone to endure this situation. Sigh


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Right now, I’m at the edge of breaking down. Tummy is growling, signaling for me to consume foods. Not just foods, good foods. Thing is now, I’ve got no one to send me to the nearest fast food store. Even my parents. Too much bullshits and too much drama. You don’t know how devastated I am right now. Only god knows. How I wish I could drive. Never mind the license, at least I know how to control the steering wheel and press the gas and stuff. Seriously, life is treating me hard tonight. I hate my family. I hate that I’m incapable of making myself happy. I just want to eat, at least I’m buying those foods with my own money. It’s that too much to ask for? Drive me? My dad is being annoying and my mom, obviously the answer is no when I ask her if a friend could drive me. Don’t be a bitch. I don’t care if you’re gonna judge me for being rude my mood is at the end of the line now and I’m hungry okay fuck this I can’t wait till my driver’s cousin to give me a driving’s lesson and oh I can’t wait to grow up I can’t wait to get my fucking ass outta here I’m sick and tired of all these nonsense seriously I need to study hard so I can like further my studies abroad and just leave every shits that’s been bothering and fucking up my life here

Quick Update

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My revision session was distracted by G Dragon. Well of course dude the MV is out I’m excited as hell! Chekit outtttt (Y)





Turd ♥

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To those who watch this video and fail to laugh, then obviously there’s something wrong with you.

Anyone’s Ghost

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Why is everyone keeps on blaming me in almost everything? Mostly, people around me always end up making me feeling down about myself. I know I’m not good enough. Am I not good enough compared to all of you? Am I the only one among our batches who have a really bad past to let go off? Am I the only one who made mistakes? Made and took horrible choices and decisions? Am I the only one? I despise this feeling. I despise the fact that you all people made me feel like I’m the worst person that you ever known yet I know some of you did something even worst than me. Than why? Why must it be that way? Because I’m the suitable victim to be blame on? Because you have one laser mouth and good at pschyo-ing people? Because you know something about me for you to use against me? People. Yes fuck people. I am people. I just don’t understand people and maybe I never will.

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