The Pressure Is On

August 8, 2012 § Leave a comment

89 more days to go! Worried, anxious and yet still procrastinate, still the same. Although I might say I did boost myself up for about 40%. I can’t blame myself for lacking of motivation and spirit. I don’t have that burning desire to achieve my dreams. Speaking of dreams, are my dreams is really the dream that I’ve always wanted? (well minus the fact that I do want to meet SDW) Is it my fault for not exposing myself to different kinds of activities out there? No? Add maths is killing me, seriously. I have managed to answer around 4 questions and yet I only solved at least until B and then my mind went blank. I hate this kind of moment. I’ve learned this before, I’ve did the exercises, but why on earth I still can’t answer the entire paper? Yeah I know add maths who am I kidding the entire paper but hey its SPM, I need to at least answer the whole question although I’ve to just scribbled any nonsense there.


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