September 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

I was finishing my essay for SPM module 1 last Wednesday and two of my friends came up to me and take a look at my work. After they read half of my descriptive writing, one of my friend said that my idea was suck. The tittle for the essay was to continue from the sentence “I couldn’t believe what I saw” and I decided to write about how I felt about myself. About depression, about a guy friend that I’ve been longing for almost 3 years. I don’t mind if you thought that my stories are mostly into adult world and not writing about teenagers. How dumb of me for not fighting back. For not defending my work, my ideas. Does it actually matter what I wrote? Does it actually matter if it’s into adult world? Only adults who are going through depression? I’ve been through depression so does that count me as an adult? People who are going through a period of depression does not count whether you’re 17 or 47. It does not matter. It’s a state of mind. It’s something most of human kind went through. So why is it that my work about depression is called “suck”? And yet you’ve not finished reading it. You know what’s disappointing? Your own friend mocking your work where what you did was about what you’ve felt so far in life, the things you’ve been through. As a matter of fact, what makes you think that your ideas are better than me? Me exploring the adult world means that I’m ready to go to the next phase of life while you on the other hand, still playing safe and cannot take and accept people’s ideas and opinions unless it’s proven that there someone out there who is far more better than you. Excuse me pal but you need to open your eyes wide that nobody’s perfect. Try to accept someone as they are like people accept you. You’re weird, you’re fake like what you said the other day and so? Why can’t you accept if others are not the same as you? Fuck me for smiling when she fired out those bloody words. Fuck me for not firing back. Fuck you for being so narrow fricking minded.


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