November 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

To be frightfully honest, the fact that SPM is this Monday well I can say that I’m a little anxious and worried and at the same time I’m 70% calm. I’m unsure of this myself because my condition right now is worrying since I do t even know why I’m feeling like this. Although the future does scare the shit out of me and I’m incessant preoccupation about it but still, still I’m lolling around waiting for who knows what. Sigh I’m not a couch potato. CERTAINLY NOT. It’s not that I don’t study at all, I do but it’s just that it’s not enough. The knowledge I’ve gained so far is not enough for my preparation for battle. I am dejected for not spending and organize my time well during my Form 4. If I were given to go back in time, of course I would like to go back. There are so many things that I do want to change. So anyways, better open the books and start pulling my socks now.

“It is never too late.” said a classmate of mine

Well I hope you’re right.

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