November 13, 2012 § Leave a comment

My fingers are itching to just update my blog so then here goes. I know I have not been a good sport for not updating this dusty blog so anyhow here I am. SPM is around the corner and most of the time I’m stuck with my books. Though I am excited that SPM will be over so soon but the fact that I’m not that serious in nailing my exam is just dejecting. I’m not quite so sure myself if my BM, English, Sejarah and Maths went fine. Well I hope I did better, I really hope so it’s just that is it fully enough? Sigh praying A for those 4 subjects, never mind A-, at least it’s an A.

Received my Add Maths paper 1 test paper (tuition), it was bad. My results are gradually decreasing and I might say that I’ve not done my add maths revision that quite enough so must work hard! Must get A! 6 days are given so please please dear self, use it wisely. I’m doing my Add Maths now so till then xx



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