November 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

To start things off, I am sad to the core knowing the fact that half of me am numb or am I entirely numb? My iPod was stolen, sadly after my last physics paper. Dejected it is since it’s the most precious thing that I have ever own and there’s too much inside. It’s my favorite buddy and some rascal fucked my life. Now I can’t function well without it. Kak Syam said better things will come, it always does. I hope so. It’s just that I’m quite scared about all the data in there since some or I might say most of them are private and now it’s in some rascal’s hand I’m afraid she/he you know okay cancel that. I don’t want to write anything bad. So now, taking 5 mins off from chemistry to just type this and watch D’s weird behavior. Though I am not speaking or talking to him directly, quite a pleasure to have someone to make me laugh and just entertain me with some nuisance. My life is quite dull these days and I am gloomy. I know that. How’s your life going?


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