Crumble Lines

November 25, 2012 § Leave a comment


“She had it all. The looks, the brains. The courage to do everything and anything. She was beyond perfect. Yet she wanted more. Something in her just keeps touching off and saying she has to have more. Anything would do. She didn’t care on how she’s going to get to the top most, what matters is whethernot she will, and she would strive on anything to get there. If she doesn’t, then it’s utter chaos.

She wasn’t appreciative on what she had, yet she focused more on what she doesn’t have. She was longing for something better. She was entirely confused on what she wants as opposed to what she really needs.
As she went on by with her ordinary days, she felt a sudden alteration. An alteration of pure devastation where everything started fading away. From the friends she had, to all the memories on things she’d thought she had done and achieved. And at that very moment, she was left with nothing but a grain of the past. It was like waking up to a very sick reality after having an enchanting dream on what’s even more perfect. And there she stood feeling all of those trifle thoughts drifting away and wishing everything would go back as it was. Or at least what she thought was normal was just another vision of extinction. “


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