Broken Arrow

December 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

“We should migrate.”

Said mom a month ago, a week after returning from Seoul. My mom was not very fond of here let alone, the people. The good thing was, we’re on the same boat. Finally, finally someone in the family realize what the actual fuck is happening here. Wait, my mom already did realized didn’t she?

I’m sorry mother if I didn’t ace my national examination. I wanted to but I was lack of motivation and was easily distracted. Yes, you have been confessing all those emotions you’ve been bottled everything inside. I am aware that I may not be a good adviser but I assure you I can lend and be your shoulder whenever you’re in need.

There will come a day, where you will not live here anymore. You might as well start a new chapter maybe at your hometown then set across your next journey in Seoul. Besides, everyone recommended that you should open a restaurant there. More surprisingly, the ministers! Hopefully, I get the chance to study there since you were planning to instantly just move there if plans are going right.

Staying here never was a good idea, even for me. Wounds could never heal if you stay and I don’t want you to get worry over these troublesome problems. As a mother, I know you always have faith in us, loves us dearly even though we’ve hurt you with or without us realizing it. I promise you, even though I might be the obnoxious, menace, troublesome daughter you only have ever had, I’ll try to repay all your sacrifices you have made while raising me.

Some day, when I have a good successful job and enough money, I’ll bring you anywhere you want and starting from Mecca. I want you to free from all these stress and worries. I want you to live a happy and healthy life in a place of liberation. I want to see you with a sweet sensing smile on your face.

It is inevitable if I’ll hate you one day for maybe screwing up my life but hey, at the end of the day you’re still my mom and always will be. Blood is thicker than water, the covalent bond between the mother and her child will never break whatever the reason is.  I love you mom. You’ll be happy and jovial. Soon. This, I promise.

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