Mentadak Separuh Tiang

December 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

Basically, I was cleaning my room and sort books of mine which needs to be send to the recycle centre. My room looks nicer with much bigger space and it feels good. Well my actual point was I came across an old diary of mine; it was on my middle school years. The content was mostly funny and immature! I can’t believe I have written such things, seriously! What the heck was I thinking for god sake? I don’t know how to cover my red cheeks if somebody/someone reads it. Most of it was none other than anecdotes of silly crush of a little girl. Though it was cliché and nonsensical, truthfully I kinda miss that little girl. Her life was boring yes but in a good way, full of light dramas with just relatives and friends but to sum it all, she was happy. Happier than she is now. If I could, I want to switch her life, the surroundings with what I have now. It will be something fun and new since I’m living the normal life which I should have live in.


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