And Everywhere I Am There You’ll Be

January 22, 2013 § Leave a comment

“You need to stop this.”

Anna was staring at the blue wide sky, tucking her knees around her arms and sitting against a large striking evergreen tree. It was a beautiful sunny day but her mood wasn’t there. Her mind was blurry and occupied. Occupied with one thing only.

“It’s been nearly 2 hours you haven’t spoke a thing and I’m on my second pack now.”

Derek smacked the pack filter-side down onto the heel of his hand rapidly. He took a stick and lit the end of his cigarette. He hold the smoke in his mouth for 5 seconds and inhale it slowly. After he took another puff, he stretched his legs and stare at her. Derek shook his head and inhale more.

“5 hours ago you were all smiles and the next thing I know you all sour in a speed of light. What’s wrong?
“He didn’t show up.”
“Him who?”

It was quiet again and Anna rested her chin at her knees. The tall figure she met the other day kept on playing in her mind. It’s not because the height, it’s because this customer she served the other day who reminded her of him. His brunette shoulder-length hair, his rosy cream skin, his nose, he’s thin and that smile. How can she resist?

“Don’t tell me because he resembles him?
“He is. I just couldn’t I… I never thought I met someone who looks like him here. Like can you even believe that?”
“Yeah and they tell me I look like the front man of All American Rejects.”
“I’m serious here.”
“And so am I. Anna, you know I hate seeing you like this. Please, you need to stop putting your hopes high. It’s actually a good thing hoping but if it affects your mood especially it’s about a person, you need to control it you know? Don’t expect much. Look you’ve been waiting for a week now and did he came? No.”

She let out a big heavy sigh. It’s been 3 years and Anna is torn between keep on waiting and hoping or letting this go. But how can she let it go when he kept crawling back in her mind? And this man she met the other day is making the situation worse.

“I know deep there you think that I don’t understand. I do sometimes and sometimes it’s the opposite. Follow your heart. If your heart says it’s worth the wait and you know you’ll meet him again one day, then go. But if your heart says something else, then you know what to do.”

Derek threw the last stick of his cigarette and twisted his foot on it. He got up and turned to her. He held out his right hand to Anna and smiled.

“Come. It’s a great day. Don’t let this thing destroy it for you. Well hey, we only live once am I right?”

He gave a wink and Anna grabbed his hand. Anna took a deep inhale and exhaled slowly. It’s a beautiful day and everyone is smiling. She should’ve embrace it not frown all day long. Anna gave a warm smile to Derek and squeezed his hand tighter. He’s right. This idiot is totally right.

“That’s more like it!”

Derek pulled Anna along with him and ran across the green field. He cheered and soar to the sky. Anna can’t help but laughed and joined in. She just hoped that one day, one day she’ll be all smiles with her hands held tight by two of the most important person in her life. One day.


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