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Exactly what I’m going through these past months. And I supposed we are on the same boat since I wanted the world to end. A good friend of mine said to me that this world is like a prison for the pious. Can’t help but think she’s right

naked writing


Hey. First post of the year. I don’t even know why i bother writing in here. I guess it’s for an infinite number of reasons. Who reads this pissashit anyway. I get more bitter with each passing day. It’s 2013. It feels no different from the previous years. I feel no better. Does anyone remember what it was like celebrating the coming of the new year? As a kid, i remembered it was quite the event, welcoming the new year. I haven’t quite figured out what it is that I did differently this year. Or maybe it was what I didn’t do. Maybe it was the fact that I was completely hammered hours before NY’s countdown itself. Or maybe the fact that I didn’t really see any fireworks. Or maybe  I was concentrating on the drunk driving too much. Or maybe i really wanted the apocalypse to happen. In a…

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