March 13, 2013 § Leave a comment

“Like the wind, you leave as quickly as you arrived.”

I told myself, oh I convinced myself that I had successfully erased you completely from heart. I really did. I was sure of it. Till last night, I came to the realization that I managed to do it halfway.

Guess the universe spoke and tend to play with my feelings again. You tweeted saying that it’s a replying-mentioning time and my response was (should I call it obvious) oh I think I nearly explode. I just can’t believe my eyes and I kept on re-reading it again. It’s because it is utter ridiculous. Like, why now? I am aware that it is quite impossible for me to reach you yet I’m a big believer that anything is possible. When I say anything, I mean anything.I buried this hope with all the my might and yes I did it. I can feel it.

Now just like a pest, you came destroying and eating my healthy crops. I’m clueless. They say follow what your heart says but how how when I’m in a state of confusion. I can’t seem to fathom this healthy/unhealthy feeling of mine that I have for you.

Back then, you made me float when I was drowning in this raging sea of emotions and at the same time you’re like a poisonous gas that made me gasping for air. I made up my mind that whatever happens, happens. If it’s written that I’ll meet you again someday, then someday it is. For now, I just want you to stop lingering in my mind and giving me mixed signals. It hurts.

oh boy, here we go again.


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