“I’ll Be Back”

March 24, 2013 § Leave a comment

(to anyone who actually follow my blog haha as if)

So… to thought that my Sunday went dull and a complete nothingness was actually wrong? Okay now that sounded strange since today was drop dead boring though it is productive okay let me just cut to the chase!

Remember him whom I wrote about? Someone I met at work that looks like my you know what I mean. Yeahhhh you’re guessing it now, ooh yes I met him today! Tsk tsk tsk, what a shock? Umm… no. Despite the fact that he has been missing for 2 months now and at that period well I did waited for him and seeing him now, I was well my blood pressure was at normal rate.

Why I am writing about it anyway? Well because he was once that special to me although I barely recognize all his features. That moment when you actually think that you know/met this person before yeah that moment was it. I was like “wait, is that… Oh that couldn’t be!” “It is.. snap it! Impossible!”

It’s him.

My thoughts ran wild! The adrenaline rushing through my spine was ah I can’t work and focus properly at that moment. I was laughing in disbelief on the inside I mean he trimmed off some of that long hair of his (memang sayang but still), ah the way he talks and sees things. Don’t get me at the way he dressed himself. I was dude how old are you you kidding me right and when he smiled at me the heck ok stop

My actual point writing this post was I still couldn’t believe my eyes that I actually met him again this morning. Like the only reason I have a crush on this fellow because of that someone who managed to take all the space in my heart for 3 years and I am gladly to say not anymore and neither do you J because well isn’t it obvious I like you because of him haha

I’m talking crap bye


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