April 3, 2013 § Leave a comment

Almost midnight and I’m well smiling ever since I got myself home. All I could say is that two hours ago went great. Though it was quick but it was something and it is meaningful.

When I approached and greet people tonight, I was a free spirited young girl. For a fleeting moment, I am perpetuity. I was warmer. I was friendlier. I kept on smiling and just enjoy my every second. What’s more interesting was when I talk to this someone, I basically just spit everything out to him, every single thing! I didn’t worry, I didn’t take any precautions because I felt comfortable talking and confessing my frustrations to him. I just say what’s on my mind at the moment and the feeling was breathless. And after that everything really did went fine. All the people I met was superb! It did changed my mind a bit that not all people are mean and heartless.

I miss this particular side of me . Hopefully seeing more of this in the near future! Seriously I am so happy and fricking euphoric I’ve tweeted about it and just give random greetings to everyone hehe 🙂 feels great to be happy for awhile isn’t it? Life’s greatest treasure it is.

Ok 3 minutes to 12 o’clock and I’ve to wake up early tomorrow morning dang ok bye everyone have a great night ahead 🙂


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