April 24, 2013 § Leave a comment

Basically with what just happened this evening, I couldn’t help but to write and post it.

I am utterly dejected and ashamed of myself. Why? As I am knowing for ridiculing our society for their lack of respect, care, love and you can name the others but truthfully I am sad to know that maybe I’m just as the same as the others. I witnessed with my very own eyes how our youth doesn’t even bother to help a man in need. They saw it, they knew what was going on, the man asked for their help yet they just look at him with an empty face as if he was an outcast. It made me realize more how our generation today are lack of morals pfftt and talk about 1 Malaysia? Yeah right

Since my car was behind him it made me see more clearly. Yet I did nothing but murmured, ” poor uncle, why isn’t anyone helping? why’s everyone just stare at him? someone please do something!” Main question is my dear, why aren’t you lending a hand yet if you already knew?

You’ve no idea how dejected I am for just sit there in the care and just watch the scene until one or two men helped him pushed and steered his car. The moment I saw he’s in trouble, I was torn in two whether to help or not because I thought since I was a girl I’m not sure if I could do any help. How shallow and narrow minded I am actually! Perhaps this is a sign from Him up there to open my eyes about everything. Sadi, you are so stupid at times you know. If you saw or knew someone who’s in need of help, just go for it. Don’t let other foolish things preoccupied your mind and more importantly your insides. One needs help then go and give one. It’s better than just look and stay still pitying. The longer you waver, the longer your will to help will fade.

I do realize at times when I wanted to help, there’s always something in me that’s trying to hold me back. I don’t know whether its my ego or what, but as far as I know it’s in me and I need to kill it. I’ve been in several events relating to this and yes I admit I am worthless and no use. I am not a malice no because I do sympathize and emphasize seeing others in trouble.

It is an eye opener for me to realize all my mistakes that I’ve did back in the past. Frankly I have not been a good person, a good daughter, a good friend and a good me for myself. O Allah, although I’m wounded because of this but if this is your way to slap myself up, then I am truly grateful and thankful to You. For it is a lesson to learn and shall be noted from now on. InsyaAllah


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