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It has been a bittersweet whirlwind two years together. Perhaps, that’s just it.



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“I found what makes me unhappy. It is social media. Any social platforms make me unhappy. I guess you can say that any contact with people makes me unhappy. Afterall if you think about it, if you don’t talk to anyone you’d avoid conflicts and you wouldn’t need to put up with anyone at all.

But all of us know it is impossible to boot everyone out of their life. Being alone makes people sad as well. When can we ever find a perfect way of living? A perfect system, a perfect government, a perfect group of friends, a perfect boyfriend, a perfect school, perfect grades, perfect family?

There’s no way.

I am out of this emotional black hole.”

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“if all the good people stay away from the bad ones then how on earth are they going to be good?”


chin up, daffodil

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This really meant a lot to me. Thank you for making my day although we never really know each other. Your post gave me reassurance that I am not actually alone in this. I’ve been feeling insignificant for too long, yes and it hurts. I don’t even know how this started. Perhaps this is the tough road of my journey growing up. It’s okay. I’ll make it through. I’ll make it through because I’ve always have been.

All good things must come to an end and hey obviously the same way vice versa ain’t I’m right?

“Have you ever had that feeling?
When someone you love suddenly acts out all strange and starts to avoid you. And no matter how hard you try to fix things, you just cant. So the only thing you can do is watch them slowly disappear, slowly forgetting you- bit by bit.

Have you every had that feeling?
When you refuse to get out of bed, but life is just calling you. If possible you would rather just snuggle in your blanket, shutting down from the world. Cause its safer to cave in, then to face everyone. You just dont feel like talking to anyone, not even your mother about anything. Its just one of those days you would lie on the floor and stare at the empty ceiling, feeling nothing.

Have you ever had that feeling?
When the people around you are slowly changing. And you feel like nobody knows you anymore.You just cant talk to people, nobody understands you, nobody know what you feel like. Its an awful feeling. You feel so alone, even the walls wont accompany you.

Have you ever had that feeling?
When every night is a battle between you and your inner self. You would cry yourself to sleep and hope not to wake up. Cause life seems meaningless.

Have you ever had these feelings?
It hurts, like hell. I know.

But you know whats the best feeling within all these chaos? Knowing that its Allah telling you that He wants you to be alone with Him. He wants you to look for Him. He wants you to turn to Him. He wants you to depend on Him. He takes away the people you love in your life so it would just be the two of you. If you have a bit more faith in Allah, He’ll show you the way, He’ll return everything you’ve lost, in fact He can replace them with someone better.

All you have to do is ask.

So to all of you who just got dumped, who got in a fight with a bestfriend, who got cheated on, who got backstabbed, who lost everything you’ve never imagined losing – turn to Allah. He’s capable of doing anything. I mean, isn’t he the One Who created the heavens and the earth and everything in between? If He can take away a life, he surely can grant you the people you truly deserve. Pour your heart out to Him, He wouldn’t mind. Tell Him everything, all your hearts content, all your problems, all your sorrows, your worries. He is there for you, always was, always will. We’re just the ones who never realize it. Sayangnya.

All you have to do is ask. And work a bit harder. Usaha, Doa, Tawakkal.

So chin up buttercup 🙂
Love, Adibah.

So Good

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Ahoy there mates! It has been a great night so far since well…



Have a well spend night everyone!


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Maybe I just want to be found

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